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Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Back Item Hack | Ninja Saga

1. Open NS
2. Go to your Item Inventory Back
3. Equip your item back first ... we take the example of "Roasted Turkey"
4. Open Cheat Engine>>> Value Type: Text>>> check ASROM

5.Scan code back the item you are using ... (kerana example Roasted Turkey ... then scan "back13"
6. Address will appear to the left ...

7. Select all the addresses and click the red arrow so that all addresses move down
8. Change the value of the item back with the code which you want...
9. Back to NS ... Back cover Inventory Item ... continue Reopen ...
10. Add back items which you wear now ... Have Fun ..

Back Item Code
    back1 = Carnival Fan
    back2 = Carnival Taiko
    back3 = Ninja Bag
    back4 = Straw Hat
    back5 = Dark Dlade
    back6 = Dark Evil Sickle
    back7 = Mini Evil Wing
    back8 = Thanks Giving
    back9 = Scroll of Golden Snake (fixation and reward)
    back10 = Angel Wing
    back11 = Christmas Bag
    back12 = Snowflake
    back13 = Roasted Turkey
    back14 = Akazonae Gunbai (fixation and reward)
    back15 = Rose Bouquet
    back16 = Kikyo Umbrella (fixation and reward) 

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